Why The Compasses


Who better to tell you more about The Compasses than the people who have been married here. So please, spend some time looking through our reviews, not just here, but also on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, we have listed below a few of the reasons we hope you will love The Compasses as much as we do.


We maybe small but we are huge when it comes to passion and dedication!

The Compasses certainly is a lovely place and we often have to pinch ourselves to remind ourselves that we are actually at work! However regardless of location or building, the beating heart of The Compasses is the team that run it.


Far too many of our experiences catering at other venues have been tainted by the lack of flexibility and the focus on processing. From rigid supplier lists to £50 charges for using the cake knife. From £30 bills for attendance of evening guests to permissions required to move a table. We strive to avoid these infuriating and frustrating annoyances and, instead, listen to your wants and needs and make them happen to the best of our ability. Quite simply, we strive to say ‘YES!’. 


Wedding budgets can be a treacherous place. A minefield of stress and family politics. Quite rightly, you expect from us an open and honest breakdown of your costs, not some of your costs – all of your costs, before you commit to booking your wedding at The Compasses. 


Standing in the garden at The Compasses on a delightful summer evening with the sun setting on the horizon in front of us, the sky aflame with a palate of deep orange and red, gently subsiding into deep purples a vast hue of fiery oranges  – Pattiswick truly is a special place! Open countryside, beautiful views and easy access to regional and national transport hubs. 30 minutes from Stansted and Chelmsford. And 45 minutes by train into Liverpool Street.


We are luck enough to have won a whole shelf of awards! We won’t bang on about them, however they all do focus on two things; Our reputation for serving great food and our reputation for relaxed and informal but excellent service. We are, quietly, hugely proud of these awards although they will remain on a shelf in the back office while we concentrate on delivering the same level of excellence to our guests downstairs!


We have all experienced the sinking feeling of being told the staggering price of a round of drinks at the bar of a wedding venue, knowing that you have another 10 hours of either going thirsty or emptying your wallet. We take time to keep an eye on the pub prices around us and we take pride in keeping our bar prices in line with those. So, unless you are reaching for the XO, there won’t be any eye watering bar bills to embarrass your guests!


We don’t like ‘kick backs’ and we don’t like forcing suppliers on you. However, we have a wonderful family of suppliers, most of whom attend our open days, who we recommend because we know they will give you a level of service that we would be proud of. They are the best at what they do and, just as importantly, they are great people to work with. As we keep saying, your wedding day is all about people and your suppliers, be it photographers, magicians or musicians, are very much part of it.


Our very own Jane used to be a florist! In fact she was part of a team who won a Gold medal at Chelsea Flower Show back in the days when television was black and white! If you are planning to do flowers yourself or would simply like some free advice on who, what, where and when, Jane is happy to slip on her florist hat and help you out.Along side that, we have a whole store of wonderful props accumulated from our event management work, that you are welcome to hire. This can both simplify and reduce the cost of the day for you.​ Which is, after all, our aim!